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The San Mateo Marriott is conveniently located off Hwy 92 and is within walking distance to Trader Joe’s and Ross. Check out Specialty’s Cafe for a great order-ahead or dine in lunch!


It’s a little crazy to officially be tourists in your former county…oh San Mateo County I heart you. My husband still works in SMC and we have many friends there so I know we will still frequently visit. A couple of weeks ago we spent the night at the San Mateo Marriott for back to back meetings, appointments and celebrations.

I admit that I am a bit of a hotel snob but the Hubbs made me this way. Historically the Hubbs has traveled a TON for business, though in the last few years he has really tried to curb his nights away. When you are in a hotel all the time, especially for work, you start to have a need for comfortable accommodations: really clean rooms, excellent customer service and a few perks like a bar & grill in the lobby never hurt anyone…especially when you are dead dog tired or just need some milk for your preschooler. So – I used to be a discount hotel girl. And then I got married. And then he made me a hotel snob 🙂

We frequent hotel chains including: Marriott, Starwood (Westin, W, Sheraton, etc.) and occasionally stay in a Hilton or Kimpton.

When trying to book a hotel on the peninsula I was caught off guard by how high the prices are and how EVERYTHING says it is a SFO hotel. I get the marketing aspect of it but it’s pretty far from SFO to be labeled that way, shuttle or no shuttle. $300 on a week night for a room in San Mateo feels a little cray cray to me.

Luckily we were able to find a screaming deal and packed our bags.

The San Mateo Marriott is quite large and the lobby is inviting when you walk in. You have the choice of self parking or valet but both will cost you for each night you stay, ouch!

The front desk service was outstanding.

We chose to self park as I don’t like valet personnel to “hover” as I collect my children and the 29 things that have fallen out of my diaper bag each time I drive up. Or as they WATCH me unfold and lift my stroller. Not a fan on Mommy time, though I was a fan prior.

We were able to check in a tad bit early and when you do so, you get what you get as far as rooms go. We were assigned a room in the older part of the hotel (not the “tower”). Upon entering our room it was very neat and well furnished (typical Marriott, no swanky swanks like the W but very comfortable). I really appreciated that our room included a small refrigerator and microwave…awesome perks for traveling, especially with kids.


Our room smelled a little funky and so I checked to see if the windows would crack open to give us a little air and….


Not only did they open but they opened far too widely to be safe for children. (Or drunk, petite, adults…)


It is difficult to capture the gap in a photo but my 45 pound preschooler could have easily fit through the window opening. Needless to say it freaked me out and we closed the windows.

The bathroom was spacious enough to get the kiddos and ourselves showered without any issues.


Overall we found the room to be peaceful and we all got a decent night’s rest (as decent as they come with two kids under five!)

We really enjoyed the concierge lounge – if you can access it through your Marriott rewards or if you pay for that specific room package it is really nice to be able to grab coffee and a light breakfast in the hotel.  I especially appreciate that Marriott has a ton of water and a range of beverages appropriate for both adults and children. I never have a problem finding milk and I can usually make some sort of sandwich in the morning with the buffet supplies (typically peanut butter and jelly)…that saves on time and money when my preschooler’s lunch is already packed. In order to travel as much as possible we try to stretch every dollar on the road.

We look forward to our next traveling adventure, we’ll keep you posted.